7 tips to choose the perfect furniture for your room


If you are the happy acquirer of a new house, congratulations! You have just taken one of the most important steps in the life stages of any individual. However, the time came for another step, and although smaller, just as important: furnish your house.
These 7 essential tips will help you to select the furniture of your new home according to your needs and available space.

1. Take action!
Before starting to see any kind of furniture, you have to measure the length and width of each room in your house, either with a tape measure or a folding meter. With this information in hand you will be able to filter easier the furniture that may interest you.

That you do not feel sorry to take the tape measure in the furniture store if employees do not know how to say the dimensions of things, it is better to take the time to measure, than to buy things that do not fit in your house and have to return them

2. What is the use of each room?
For example, if in the room you plan your family to spend most of their time, besides playing and relaxing, then you will want to invest a little more in this room. Maybe your new home has an extra room that you can convert into a studio or even a personal gym. Once you have defined what use each room will have, start buying the furniture.

3. First look at the basics
It will be impossible to buy absolutely everything you need in a matter of days, better create a list with the things that are 100% indispensable to start living. For example, a couple of armchairs for the room, maybe a coffee table, beds for each room, a table to eat, I enter others. It will be important that you define this list, because we all have different needs.

4. Think of purchase in the long term
Buy your furniture as if you were investing in the future. By this we mean that, on some occasions, spending a little more is cheaper in the long run. Buy resistant furniture with strong structure. High quality furniture can be a bit more expensive, but it will last much longer.

5. Make them from quality materials and stain resistant
Think of the comfort you want to have in your home when you arrive from a long day of work. The most luxurious furniture can give you this comfort that cheap furniture does not make, besides that they have a much longer lifespan, especially useful advice if you have small children that could mistreat or stain things.

6. Coordinate the elements
When you buy your furniture, take into account the last one you bought before buying the next one, because each piece of furniture must complement one another, otherwise the room will be a chaotic disaster. Better follow decorative tendencies or decorative themes, in this way it will be easier to concentrate on buying pieces that combine with your style.

7. Do not saturate your room, but do not leave it empty either
If you have large and open spaces, do not be afraid to buy many decorative and storage items, such as trunks, tables, or additional chairs. However, be careful to overload any room with many objects, as visually it will be very chaotic and disorganized.

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