Child safety tips in the kitchen


The kitchen is one of the parts of the house, along with the bathroom, which is more risky for children. It produces 70 percent of accidents that occur in the home.

Domestic accidents are the leading cause of infant mortality, so any precaution is small for our children to be safe at home. If we take the right measures, most of them can be avoided.

We have to be with a thousand eyes when there are children in the kitchen and we must always consider some child safety tips to avoid accidents in the kitchen.

  • Never leave children alone in the kitchen, much less if the oven is on.
  • Keep cleaning items in high places and if possible with doors that are locked. Do not store them under the sink and never place dangerous products in food containers.
  • Place safety caps on the plugs.
  • Keep out of reach of children knives, scissors, matches, lighters, plastic bags, spikes, or any dangerous item. Far from reaching it means that they can not reach them either if they get on a stool or a chair.
  • Never leave pots or pans hot or heavy near the edge of the counter.
  • The garbage can must be out of the reach of children in a place where it can not be opened.
  • Use the fires on the back of the hob and always turn the handle of the pans and pots inside so that they cannot reach them.
  • If the stove is to gas, always close the gas stopcock after cooking.
  • Place doors and drawer lockers to prevent the child from opening them.
  • Unplug appliances when not in use. A blender, a crusher, a toaster, a coffee machine, a juicer … any of these devices can cause serious accidents if the child starts them unattended.
  • When serving food, place the hot fountain in the center of the table, where the child can not reach, and if it can arrive directly, do not place it on the table.
  • Never leave the baby on the kitchen floor or hold him while you are cooking.

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