How to set your room in six easy steps


The room is one of the most important places in the home to rest. Therefore, it is essential that you have harmony and balance, as this will allow you to feel calm and full of vitality to start a new day.

Having a well-organized room contributes in a positive way so that when you have long hours and are very tired, you can rest quietly. We recommend making small changes to make this space a more harmonious place, which contributes to good energy always flowing in the home.

1. Make a good toilet
If you want the space to be full of harmony it is essential to keep the place neat. Doing a deep cleaning guarantees a fresh and hygienic space. Also, avoid accumulating garbage or objects that you do not use or no longer serve.

2. Look for the right lighting
It is important that you have clear what kind of light is in your room. If it is not very bright, the light colors are perfect to lighten the space and if it is cold you can play with the tones of the textiles to provide greater warmth.
Take advantage of sunlight or artificial light to illuminate the different places in the room, keep in mind that lighting is essential to create relaxing and restful environments.

3. Ventilate daily
Let the air flow through your room, this renews the environment, prevents the accumulation of odors and helps you breathe a fresh air.

4. Have the necessary furniture
As for the furniture, light wood or white, are a good choice. If you want to give an elegant touch, you can opt for an upholstered headboard.
If your room has little space, replace the bedside tables with an auxiliary table without drawers or even with a chair. Use only the furniture you need, so you’ll save space.

5. Use a harmonious decoration
If you want to reflect harmony, serenity and tranquility, paint the walls of your room with soft colors or pastel colors. The decorative elements can be pictures or illustrations of landscapes, ceramic or clay objects, vases or carpets, these will give stability and harmony to your room.
Another suggestion is to opt for a series of cushions that can be made of headboard, different sizes and fabrics work very well.
In addition, use a blanket at the foot of the bed, this may have a pattern or color equal or similar to the quilt. This blanket should be large and should fall on the sides of the bed.

6. Alteration
Finally, if you like big changes, you can choose to do a structural remodeling. If you want something simple, you can add new decorative elements or change the furniture of place.

Having a space that generates peace and tranquility for rest will allow you to improve the quality of the time you enjoy in your home, with your family or friends.


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