Leave your furniture as new by yourself with these 5 tips


Sometimes, it gives the impression that although we are very careful with the furniture of our department, something will damage it sooner or later. Whether during moves, because you have a pet or because something is spilled on it, life goes by and the furniture suffers.
So, what can be done to keep the furniture as new. Here we share five tips so you can renovate the furniture easily and by yourself.

1. Be simple and use covers

First, let’s talk about the simplest and easiest thing you can do: use covers for sofas. These are washable and changing them is much cheaper than buying (or cleaning) new furniture. Whether you make them yourself or buy one, the covers are an easy way to prevent these furniture from getting dirty.

2. Make a great cleaning

You will be surprised how much good an aged and dirty piece of furniture does a good cleaning. Before you decide to get rid of that old dresser, give it a little more love. Whether you clean leather, sheets or bed covers, cloth, wood or rattan, giving furniture a new one can be as easy as polishing them or applying some cleaning solvent. Before you start, make sure you know what kind of liquid is safe for the furniture you are cleaning. Many living room tables have been ruined due to misuse of cleaners.

3. Give new finishes

If cleaning the wooden furniture will not work, consider giving them a new finish. This type of renovation will give the piece new life and even give you an opportunity to choose the ideal appearance that goes according to the aesthetics of the department.

4. Paint the furniture

Old furniture can look dull if the colors or style are outdated. Maybe the dark brown is no longer fashionable or if you have moved into an apartment with cabinets that will never be combined with the old dining room. To keep the furniture new and modern, consider giving them a coat of paint with a more striking color or with the most popular tone of the moment. After all, adding color to the apartment is a great way to make your home a better place to live.

5. Update the accent and contrast

It seems simple, but giving new accents to the furniture keeps its style updated and modern. Consider getting new knobs for the cabinets or doors, stylize the bookcase decoration in a new way or buy some pillows with patterns to distribute on the sofa.

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