Which is Better Aluminum window and doors or PVC


Windows and doors are an essential part of decor for your home or office as it acts both as a weather barrier and an aesthetic feature. Windows and doors are of various sizes, shapes, and forms. Choosing the right framing is an essential decision as selecting the right glass. It is a tough decision for homeowners to choose between aluminium windows and doors over PVC windows. To help you make the right choice for your property and budget take a look at the below features of both.

Durability of Aluminum windows and doors Vs PVC

Aluminum has a longer lifespan and a robust material for a window and door frame than PVC. Aluminium last for approximately 45 years with proper care and low maintenance while PVC last for 25 to 30 years with a potential to degrade over the years.


Installing the aluminum windows and doors is much more expensive to source and manufacture compared to PVC due to its substantial manufacturing cost. The PVC gained popularity in the 1980s; thus the demand makes it more cost-effective. The aluminum is very modern and offering unique benefits over PVC but may also gain popularity like PVC.


The other notable difference is the level of support necessary for both aluminum and PVC windows and doors. Homeowners need window and doors that don’t need too much time to clean. PVC windows require low maintenance; they require simple cleaning with a cloth once in a while. Aluminum windows and doors, on the other hand, are more resilient but needs attention to prevent flaking and rust.

Security of aluminum windows and doors Vs PVC

Both aluminum and PVC are secure with their durable nature than timber windows. Quality of locks installed on the aluminum window and door determines the security level. With modern, sustainable, multi point locks be assured that your windows and doors are secure.

If you struggle to make a decision, get a quote for both and chat to an aluminum windows and doors expert  to discuss on details and figure out the most suitable window for your property.


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