Tips for designing your bathroom cabinet


When we seek to equip the bathroom space we must think about functionality and practical solutions, without neglecting the design and quality, that’s why we give you the following recommendations to choose your bathroom furniture:

1. Think about the functionality: The bathroom furniture should be a solution to the needs you have in each space. Consider if it is for the main bathroom, secondary, service, or visits. Also, you should ask yourself: how much do I want to store? Who will use it? What is my routine? This will give you a better view of the requirements that your bathroom furniture should have.

2. Think in an integral way: The furniture should be integrated with the rest of the finishes to create an environment in harmony. Consider the colors, the veneer and the style of the house when choosing the finishes as there are many options in terms of colors and textures.

3. Think about the design: Although the tradition has been to have bathroom furniture with doors that go all the way to the floor; the current trend has suspended furniture that facilitate cleaning in bathroom spaces and are more ergonomic because they make all the bathroom products we store are more within reach. The drawers are increasingly used to facilitate access to products and maintain a better organization of the spaces with everything in sight.

4. Think about the materials: Traditionally wood has always been thought for furniture in general, however nowadays there are other materials that give us finishes and different textures. Although wood is still a big favorite for its naturalness, we must consider that it requires more maintenance and its finish can be damaged more easily. You should consider what use each bathroom space will have to choose the material that best suits your design and maintenance needs.

5. Think of the sink: Finally, you must define the type of sink you will use as there are several options: countertop, under counter, on furniture, countertop, under counter. Defining this before designing the bathroom furniture is very important because the heights and dimensions of the modules can vary depending on the sink to be used.

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