7 cleaning habits to keep the house always neat and shiny


Keeping your home organized is a constant challenge of the current life that is so hectic, being a headache for many, but today we are going to give you some infallible cleaning tricks to keep your home in total balance, encouraging the habit within the whole family, avoiding dirt, bad smells and accumulation of objects and unwashed clothes. So take paper and pencil so you do not lose any of these tips below …

1. Place each house in its place after using it
Start with the basics, such as not leaving the coat and the keys in any part of the house, it is best to assign a space for the most important objects, for example a small hanger to hang the umbrella or jacket. In the same way in the dining room when finishing it is necessary to pick up the tablecloth, in turn the sheets of the bed should be folded when waking up and in the room you should not leave books badly placed after reading them.

2. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today
In well known that an organized house is the one that leaves nothing out of his post. That is why you should be attentive to the maintenance of the room, looking for the carpet to be clean, the furniture with its impeccable upholstery, photographs and pictures in its position. On the other hand in the kitchen should handle the criterion that when using it should be cleaned at the end of cooking, as well as take out the bin at least once a day.

3. Spend some time in the bathroom
The bathroom should maintain hygiene, so we recommend cleaning it once a week, but keeping the shower, the sink or bidet free of water or lime stains, do not let the hair or fluff accumulate in the floor drains, review the toilet when you see it dirty, take out the trash once it is full, do not forget to put the towels in place and some air freshener to generate a sense of freshness.

4. A well-ventilated room
Opening the windows of the room is necessary to circulate the air, only this can completely change the atmosphere of our home, because with it you eliminate humidity, the formation of fungi, refresh the environment and flow energies.

5. Clean the kitchen after every meal
When you finish eating it is very important to pick up the dirty dishes, collect the dishes, utensils, glasses and place them in the dishwasher or wash them by hand with a good sponge. Avoid pots with traces of food because it produces a bad smell and attracts insects, along with other undesirable animals.

6. A basket for dirty clothes
Inside the bathroom, use a nice basket for dirty clothes, with this you avoid the accumulation of clothes on the floor or on the bed, you can also move it directly in the washing machine, etc. It will also be a decorative and functional element, if you choose a good model.

7. The four steps to a clean house
Finally we leave you four tips to maintain order, which are:

– Vacuum every two days to clean the floor and a couple of rags with cleaner to remove dust from the surfaces.

– Revise twice a week with water and disinfectant or space products if it is wood, stoneware, marble and stone.

– By changing the bedding every week, you can rest better.

– We recommend that you wash the curtains and shake the dust from the shelves at least every 15 days or when it is necessary.

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