Today we want to offer you seven tricks and interesting remedies for your kitchen. How to have the perfect utensils and pans? How to get rid of bad smells? How to preserve food in optimal conditions?

1. Perfect frying pans

To remove leftover grease from a pan there is a very effective remedy that consists of covering your bottom with water, adding a little liquid soap and boiling it.

2. Neutralize the bad smell of the refrigerator

There is a formula to cover the bad smell that sometimes have refrigerators. The remedy consists of making balls with breadcrumbs and soaking them with vinegar. They are put in a container all together in a corner of the refrigerator for several days and the smells of the refrigerator will be neutralized.

3. Recover the color of wooden utensils

The wooden utensils, with the passage of time, are getting ugly and black. To restore their natural color to wood there is a trick, it is as follows:

Fill a basin with warm water and hydrogen peroxide. Put all the utensils inside and leave them there for about two hours. Then, wash them normally and let them dry. Once all this is done, they will have their natural look again.

4. Recover a pan that has lost the non-stick

With the passage of time and use, the pans are losing their non-stick capacity, making it easier to stick the food we are cooking.

To return to having the pans as new there is a very effective remedy:

Put the pan over low heat and add a handful of coarse salt all over the surface. Leave it on the fire for about 5 minutes.

Then, remove the salt and pass a sheet of absorbent paper (careful, you can burn).

Once this is done, you will have the pans again with their non-stick capacity.

5. Prevent cheese from mildew

So that our cheeses do not have mold, we have to keep them together with two dry bay leaves, no matter where we keep it (fridge, pantry, cheese …)

This prevents the cheese from having moisture, which is what causes mold to appear. When we see that the bay leaves are wet, we must change them for other dry ones.

6. Natural air freshener to have the perfumed kitchen

A natural and effective kitchen air freshener is to take advantage when we have the hot oven, and put some orange peels. Leave the oven door open and we will get the kitchen perfumed with a pleasant and fresh smell of citrus.

7. Crisp and golden potato chips

Let’s see a trick to make some crispy and golden chips.

First we peel, cut and wash the potatoes. Then we dry them with a cloth or kitchen paper and we remove the rest of the water and starch. We put them in a dish and sprinkle them with a little flour. We put them in the fryer or frying pan with plenty of oil (better olive). The oil first set it to 100-120 degrees. Once we check that they are almost done, raise the heat to 180 degrees to get them to brown.

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