A Guide to Proper Domestic Appliance Care


The modern washing machine might be very reliable, yet this extremely complex piece of machinery does need to be serviced at regular intervals, which becomes apparent when you read the owner’s manual. Any manufacturer’s warranty would be offered under the condition that the appliance is treated as it should be, and if you do take out a service agreement, it might cost a little extra, but it will ensure the appliance can handle the stresses of continual use.

Quality Makes and Models

When buying something like a washing machine or oven, you really do want something that will stand the test of time, and by search for online reviews of selected units, you can get a good idea of what is the best in terms of quality. Many homeowners stick with the same manufacturer, at least until they experience an issue, and personal experience counts for much more than any TV advertising, and let’s not forget, we are talking about a considerable investment with such an item.


The main reason for a fridge malfunction is dirty coils, which might be accessed from a front grille, or possibly from the rear of the unit. If there is a lot of dust build up, use a soft brush to remove all the dust, dirt and grime, which will endure efficient heat transfer. The rear of the appliance should have no obstructions, and it helps to unplug the unit from time to time, and move it enough to thoroughly clean the floor underneath.

Washing Machines

It is vital that this heavy appliance is well balanced, which is why they usually have adjustable feet, and you might want to add some rubber anti-vibration pads, which will ensure silent running. The water filters need regular cleaning, and try not to overload the machine, as this can cause serious damage to the motor, which is the heart of the machine. The unit should be kept clean, inside and out, while also checking the exterior hose connections for rust or corrosion.

Tumble Dryers

Tumble dryers have special filters to keep the airflow clean and they need to be cleaned weekly, especially in the winter, when the machine is working constantly. There should be no obstructions at the rear of the unit, and dust tends to collect, so make sure you give it a good clean every now and then. It will also have a tube that runs through the wall to the exterior, and there will be a filter there, which must be kept clean. If, for example, you need tumble dryer repairs, an online search will put you on the website of a local repair company, who can get the machine up and running again.

Extended Warranty

This is usually offered by the supplier, and for many consumers, it is regarded as an unnecessary expense, while others see it as money well spent. You might be lucky and not require any repairs during the warranty period, but with heavy use, most appliances will eventually require some attention.

Modern home appliances are built to last, but without regular servicing, things can easily go wrong, and if you should ever experience a breakdown, an online search will put you in touch with a local technician.

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