Develop creativity in the kitchen


Creativity is the association between ideas and known concepts, which usually produce original solutions. In the kitchen, being creative and finding those original solutions, helps us to surprise our guests with new dishes but also with new experiences, services or concepts.

But what can we do to be more creative? In this post we will make a compilation of the keys to unleash our creativity.

1. Do not force creativity. By forcing creativity, we only managed to run more risk of blocking ourselves. Let things be authentic and flow on their own.

2. Do not let a single idea escape. Inspiration does not warn and if it catches us without pen and paper, we run the risk of losing ideas forever. Our advice is to always carry a notebook of ideas on top or, for the most technological, an application of notes on the mobile.

3. Break with the routine. Creativity tries to make new associations between concepts to generate something original. If we do not leave the usual environment in which we move, it is much more difficult for ideas to arise.

4. Put your heart in what you do. Because creativity is an attitude, rather than an ability. Have fun and excite yourself between the stoves and remember that if you can believe, you can create.

5. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Learn from them and persevere. Nobody always guesses. If we accept this we will relax and our right hemisphere of the brain, the one in charge of creativity, will flow more calmly.

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