Updating Your Interior Home Design


If you’re thinking of updating the interior look of your home, one component that can make a huge difference is curtains. Curtains come in a variety of patterns, colours, and styles that can be paired with any interior design.

What Are the Different Styles of Curtains?

Curtains come in a variety of styles so you’re sure to find something to complement your design ideas:

  • Panel curtains
  • Valances
  • Stacked curtains
  • Cafe curtains

No matter which style you choose, you are sure to find a store for curtains in Canvey Island that sells them.

Which Style Is Best for My Home?

Picking a style can be difficult and may depend on what purpose the curtains serve. Panel curtains come in two options: single-panel and double-panel. Double-panel is one of the most common styles in a home and consists of two panels of curtains hanging next to each other. Each panel can be moved to opposite sides of the window to filter light. Usually, lighter curtains are used for this. On the other hand, single-panel curtains consist of one panel to cover the entire window. To open the curtain, usually the panel is pushed off to one side. This allows even more of a possibility of light to be let in.

Valances are short curtains that do not serve the purpose of blocking out plenty of light or offering privacy. Instead, they are typically decorative pieces and work to hide the hardware. In addition, your windows won’t look bare if you choose not to hang a curtain on the windows in your kitchen or bathroom.

Stacked curtains offer a layered look, usually with one heavier and one lighter curtain. The heavier curtain blocks out more light and can be manipulated depending on how bright you want the room. They also offer additional privacy and darkness at night.

Cafe curtains provide great privacy and lighting for kitchens and bathrooms. They come halfway down the window, leaving the top half open for light and the bottom half closed to keep people from seeing in. They are usually light curtains, allowing natural light to flow in. These look great with a valance at the top of the window.

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