Five tips for furnishing your first home


Furnishing your first home is not a trivial task, because it involves a series of thousands of small decisions that can influence your life in the coming years.

Today I want to share with you five tips that I used me when I furnished my house. I hope you find them useful, especially for those who are a little lost and do not know where to start:

1. It is not necessary to have the whole house furnished from the first day. The ideal is to buy little by little furniture that we need and that convince us. The downside of buying furniture in a hurry is that you are destined to have that piece that you have not been convinced for many years. It’s not much of a problem if it happens with a trash can, but would we risk it with the living room furniture?

2. Look for the quality in the furniture that you are going to use the most. This applies especially to beds and sofas, where we will be many hours. It is not worth saving on the mattress or on the mattress or pillows. Remember that you are making an investment in your health, so do not skimp on this type of pieces. I know it’s going to sound harsh, but sometimes it’s better to buy a good bed and have clothes stored on hangers than to have a bed of which you are tortured at your back and have both a bed and a closet at the same time.

3. Invest in quality more objects that will be in contact with you. And yes, I’m thinking about sheets and towels, which have to be pretty but they also have to treat our skins well. In my opinion, the curtains can wait a bit if we prioritize the sheets. Certainly, the curtains are important to get rid of the feeling of “sniper floor” but as I say, if you are just tight off budget you will have to buy things with an order.

4. Accept furniture from your friends. Although the house you are furnishing is the definitive one, take advantage of the generosity of your friends and get “provisional” pieces while you save to buy the definitive one. I started with a borrowed sofa and a low table that I inherited from a friend of a friend who wanted to get rid of all the furniture in her living room. The truth is that they were not much my style but I managed to buy time both to see furniture that I liked more and to save a little bit and to be able to choose better qualities. The experience of the inherited sofa also taught me to choose a sofa as comfortable as possible, that I spent a few months a little uncomfortable.

5. Measure the house before buying any furniture and take the measurements everywhere. You never know where you are going to find that ideal dresser or that perfect shelf for the hole you have. Calculate the gap that you will have available once you have located that sofa that you fell in love to walk through your living room. Several friends of mine bought sofas without measurement that could be eating the entire passage area and occupying the room unnecessarily.

In conclusion, you just have to have enough patience to find all the pieces that fit in your home. It is not necessary to have everything brand new when you land in a new flat but it is important that over time the spaces you have are yours, reflecting your personality.

Finally, I would say that you wait a little bit to buy the accessories because when you finish moving to your friends you can fill them with paintings, candelabras or ashtrays. Anyways, it is not necessary to put at home all that you give but you can choose the accessories that go best with your personality.

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