Interstate Removals: Tips to Help You Choose the Right Removalist for Your Move


Moving to a new city? It can be an exciting and scary time. There are a hundred things to take care of before you move to the new city and make it your home. You’ll have to notify the utility companies of your move and have your electricity and gas sorted, both at your old house and your new one. You will also have to notify the post office of your move and request for all your mail to be redirected to your new address. And that’s just the tip of the ice berg. Moving to a new state can sometimes feel like you’re starting your entire life over, with a lot of paperwork and calls to be made to organise your move and make it as smooth as possible.

One of the most important – if not THE most important – part of a move, is the actual move itself. Moving an entire household can be a highly challenging and stressful task. Instead of adding to your stress by attempting to make the move yourself, be smart and hire a reputable removalist for the job.

Here are tips to help you choose the right Removalists in Sydney.

1. Do Your Research

When looking for professional Movers Sydney, be sure to do your research. Look up a company’s website and read feedback and reviews from past customers to find out if a business is reliable and trustworthy. Whatever you do, do not hire amateur movers who advertise and lure in people with cheap hourly rates. They tend to be not-so-efficient, taking much longer for the same move that will only take half the time for a trained removalist.

2. Enquire About Customised Packages

Each move is unique and comes with its own set of requirements. If you have any specific instructions that you want Removalists Sydney to follow, go ahead and enquire about customised packages. Most professional removalists offer a range of services and packages that you can pick and choose from. So, if you need a customized package, ask for it.

3. Enquire About Insurance

Interstate removals involve a lot more transit time and distance to be covered than a move within a state. With that, it becomes imperative that your chosen Movers Sydney offer removals insurance, safeguarding your belongings against any unforeseen damage or loss. Knowing that your valuables are insured will give you peace of mind and make the moving process so much easier.

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