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It is becoming more common to see that people work from home, since modalities such as teleworking every day take more force.
Additionally, many entrepreneurs have their home office, as this saves the cost of renting a place.
In the eyes of employees, working from home is a good thing, as quality of life improves by different factors. One of them is that they do not have to spend time moving from home to work and vice versa, something that generally generates a lot of stress in people, especially in big cities like London, New York, Sydney where traffic jams are unbearable and public transport takes longer to get to workplace.

To be able to work from the comfort of the home, it is necessary to have a suitable place that meets all the needs of an office.

Below, you will find the steps that, according to the entrepreneur, you must follow so that your experience of working from home is great:

1. Choose the right space 
It is important to choose a space in the house that is not very busy and where there is not much noise. Because of this, he recommends places like the studio or a corner of the dining room or the room. If you choose a space like the room or the room, you can divide the rooms with curtains.

2. A fundamental part is the furniture
So, most of the time you will be sitting, it is important that you choose an ergonomic chair, comfortable and full back. It is not about using any chair, like the one in the dining room.
The table should be wide so that you put everything you need to work and more if you have a computer. If the space is reduced, it is best to opt for shelves where you can put items such as the printer.
In addition, it is good to have furniture with drawers, which allow you to store what you are not using and keep the space organized.

3. A place with good lighting
Ideally, the table that will be your office should be located near a window to have more natural light. And for artificial lighting, necessary on dark days or if sometimes you need to work at night, A good option is to have a lamp.

4. Put your personal stamp
Although the office in the house can have the same style of home decoration, it is possible to make a different design in it to differentiate the spaces. It is very important that you feel comfortable in this place, because that is where you will spend most of the day.
For example, you can decorate this space with pictures, photos, motivational phrases or plants.

Elements that you cannot miss: 

Internet: very essential! It is the fundamental tool when working from home. We recommend you to have a plan that includes good speed to connect the computer, the cell phone and other equipment.

Computer: depends a lot on style and type of work. If you are constantly going to meetings, a laptop or a tablet may be the best option. But if the work is going to be completely at home, it is better to have a desktop computer.

Protect your equipment: We recommend you to have a stabilizer where you can connect all the equipment, so that, in case of a short circuit, they will not be damaged.

Protect your data: We recommend you to have an uninterrupted power supply device (UPS) in case if power is disconnected due to severe weather or some other reason, so that, you may save your data and shutdown your computer safely.

Printer: Although you should avoid the excessive use of paper to take care of trees, there are cases in which you must prepare documents that need to be printed. Therefore, it is always necessary to have one at home.

Hearing aids: They can be used to hear things better directly from the computer or, for some people, facilitate concentration by avoiding external noises.

Other tips
• As much as you work from home, it is necessary to establish a work routine, as if you were in a real office.

• Take time to rest, try to leave from time to time to not get bored and tired.

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