Living Room Furniture; Ideas, solutions and tips for choosing them


The living room is the room of the house where all the activities of our day-to-day activities take place: watching TV, meeting with family and friends, eating and even working. Therefore, it is important to study and plan the choice of furniture in the living room, as the furniture must not only adapt to our tastes and budget, but also to the available space. In any case, however large or small your salon may be, defining the distribution will be the first step: delimit the living area, the dining room and, if possible, a work or reading corner.

The sofa, the key piece
The most important piece of furniture in the living room is, without a doubt, the sofa. It is worth investing in a model with quality structure and filling. Let yourself be advised in your furniture store. Depending on the floor of the living room and the space that you are going to use in the living area, assess whether to place two L-shaped sofas, in U, facing each other or complete the sofa with a couple of armchairs.

Coffee tables and auxiliaries
The coffee table is an essential element in the living area. Keep in mind that the model you choose should fit the dimensions of the sofa. In addition, you should leave about 35 or 40 cm away to reach it comfortably and avoid bumping when sitting or getting up. It is also very convenient to have auxiliary tables on each side of the sofa, which offer extra support surfaces.

Shelves and storage areas
Crockery, glassware, table linen, books, music, magazines … For storage, the best solution is furniture and modular solutions, which allow you to create compositions depending on what you need to store. Bookcases of work or designs made to measure are, without doubt, an ideal option as they adapt to any space and style because you decide on their design, measurements and materials.

Multimedia furniture
Like it or not, the television is another important element within the living area. Try to place it at eye level and at a distance that will depend on the size of the screen. You can install it integrated in a cabinet or bookcase, so that it does not attract much attention and the cables and plugs are not visible; hidden, in a cabinet with doors; hanging on the wall or on a piece of furniture. When it comes to small rooms, it is best to choose carts, which allow you to orient the television and place it anywhere when it is not in use. In any case, the TV cabinet you choose, in addition to supporting the weight of the TV, must adapt to the decoration of the room. It will be much more practical and functional if you have storage areas to locate all kinds of utensils and objects related to the TV: DVD, router, game consoles, connectors, etc …


The dining room: the table and the chairs
In most houses, living and dining areas share the same space. While the most common is to choose the dining room furniture in tune with those of the living area, the truth is that anything goes! Even the table and chairs do not have to be chosen to match.

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