What to Expect From Your Drain Repair Technicians


Drainage solutions aren’t always as simple as pouring a liquid down the sink; while more severe issues may be similar in nature, others are caused for entirely different reasons.

If you don’t have luck with DIY solutions, it’s probably wise to contact a professional as it’s possible to make the situation worse by messing with it. Some situations when you may want to contact a drainage technician include the following:

  • Multiple drains clogged at once
  • Repeated issues
  • Blocked drains
  • Severe inefficiency
  • Busted pipes

Drainage technicians will be sure to get to the bottom of the issue and find a quick solution whenever possible.

CCTV Technology

Drain repairs in Leeds may require the use of CCTV technology. This involves navigating a small camera through your drainage system to locate issues, the purpose of which is to maximize efficiency by minimizing search time and eliminating the need for excavation.

Once your technicians locate the source of the issue, they can target that specific area and restore your system with minimal downtime or disruption.

Effective Clearing with High-Powered Equipment

There are few blockage situations that cannot be taken care of with a water jetting machine. Using high-pressure water, your technicians can break down even the most extreme buildup of dirt, grease, and a number of other things.

The high-powered water not only takes care of the thing that is causing the block but it also clears out your pipes entirely so that no new blocks can form.


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