How to maintain your house


When you have your house, the maintenance must be preventive, that means that when you inaugurate it, you should already be thinking about periodically reviewing each of the sensitive parts, that can be spoiled or deteriorated before this happens, that is the maintenance! Prevent before anything.

When any of the parts that make up your home, from the roof to the floor and the appliances or equipment that make it, the expense or investment deteriorates a lot if it will end not only your fortnight but with a significant part of your income. We are going to show you some ways to keep your home and try that the investment you should do not hurt $$$$ in your wallet/pocket.

1. Remove moisture from walls, ceiling and floors

The walls, ceiling and floors in the kitchen, have to be clean and if the wall is smoked or humid, look for the origin of this situation and resolve before it is worse. If a moisture in the wall of the kitchen worsens, by not being treated In time, the repair is greater, with greater expense. A leak in the kitchen can cause a very large repair in time the results are optimized.
The ceramic that covers part of the walls should be checked if any of them is detached, check why it happened and put it back again. When you build or modify your house, reserve at least one box of each type of ceramic, that is used for repairs, since later you cannot get the same tone or model when you need it.

2. Keep the equipment properly in the kitchen

In the kitchen that important room of the house, you must maintain it in an optimal state. It has many details that you should have in your sight: the extractor, the stove, the oven, the microwave, the refrigerator and the furniture, cabinets, countertop.
The periodic cleaning of the filters of the extractor hood; the daily cleaning of the stoves of the stove, oven and microwave, to remove remains of fat and food; the refrigerator and the freezer, eliminate accumulation of ice. The maintenance of these equipment will give you durability and you will enjoy it for many years. Cabinet doors if loosened, place new screws or hinges if necessary and on the countertop have some heat resistant material, where you place hot pots.

3. Keep an eye to the bathroom and possible leaks

In the bathrooms, you should not let the possible leaks get older. When you find the toilets or the shower which is losing water, especially in homes that are a few years old, you should change it so that it does not stain the walls. In some cities/countries, the water is loaded with many salts and these can stain and disable walls if a leak is constant. Leaking pipes, inside the walls, can be expensive to repair if you let them get worse. During that time, a repair does involve more investment.

4. Varnish and polish floors on terraces or patios

The maintenance must be done annually in for the outdoor floors in balconies and terraces if they are made of wood. It can be done with brushing and varnishing according to the specifications of the material and the products that you use, since in this way you will have your floors as new for many years. You should also check that you do not have insects that can pierce the wood, if so, urgently treat the material with the necessary products to eliminate the pest.

5. The air conditioning or heating system

It is very nice that when you get to your bedroom you feel the atmosphere at a comfortable temperature, that’s great. However, you need to do a good scheduled maintenance, those devices that keep you happy. If you hear that it makes an unusual noise, or it stops working as it should be, immediately call a professional and do not keep forcing it to use that may cost you more expensive or you have to buy a new device.

6. Attention to the fittings of the windows and doors

The iron or wood made windows and doors of outside are elements that are exposed to the in clemencies of the weather. The rain, the sun and the change of temperature are factors that are harmful. The solution is preventive care, painting in each case according to the material. Check the metal fittings that are not rusted and that the wood, in the case that this material is that you have, does not remain without protective varnish.

7. Check your Garage

Do not forget to check the mechanism of the garage doors, if you have to open them mechanically, you have to grease what is necessary and check any damage, before you have to do a major repair.

8. Clean the laundry room and maintain the washer and dryer

This area, although it is not as critical as the kitchen. It is important that the washer and dryer equipment is periodically maintained, because the type of work they do accumulate many fluffs and fibre residues inside, you have to clean the filters of washing machine every time and must make maintenance with a professional, because the dust of the environment can accumulate in its mechanism and get to overheat until the engine is lost if it is not done in time.

9. Remove cracks from exterior walls and repair them

Clean the ceilings at least before the rainy season. Check the trees that you plant in your yard, in case the roots are coming to the house that can be introduced under the foundations. If you have planted vines, that you are not spoiling the wall where they are supported. You should preferably place a framework so that the support is not direct on the wall. Check the walls where plants are supported so that they are in good condition conditions and do not transmit humidity, towards the interior of the house.

10. Look after the gardens

The gardens are areas that make your house more beautiful.  Prune the trees and fertilize if necessary with good irrigation, It will help you to maintain the value of your house as a good investment.

– General tips not to forget –

These general tips are details that you must consider:

  • If you leave your house, for a period of time, disconnect the electrical equipment you have, if you do not have a home automation system that allows you to remotely control the facilities of your home and warn.
  • If something fails; plan an annual budget that covers unforeseen expenses in your home as well as small repairs and maintenance of the facilities. Solving a problem on time is the most economical option you have, with the greatest benefit for all.

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