The latest trends in interior decoration


As fashion changes constantly, it is best to consider current trends and put a personal touch.

The simplicity and modernism is what sets the trend for this year, in terms of decoration. By combining both characteristics, it will contrast and complement each other in such a way that welcoming and unique spaces will be achieved. As fashion changes constantly, it is best to consider current trends and put a personal touch.

Below, we show you some trends in interior decoration.

The white color in interior decoration
White is the favorite color of all trends in interior decoration. It is an ideal tone to paint every space of the home, because it provides multiple advantages. For example, visually gives the feeling of greater amplitude. In the same way, it transmits care, cleanliness and neatness. Of course, provided constant maintenance is provided to the rooms.
However, the trend for this year aims to not use white in its entirety. Rather, refine it or combine it with other tones that are soft, to give a more welcoming look. They can be tonalities such as beige, terracotta, gray or other warm colors. In addition, bright tones can be added.

Metallic details
Implement metallic details in the decoration is an element that is in full swing. Dorado especially, is one of the most used details and will continue in use throughout the year. This brings a touch of elegance and luxury anywhere that is implemented. Another tone that brings sophistication is bronze, which has a versatility that steals prominence.
The metallic details can be implemented in some accessories such as mirrors, lamps, even in furniture. To highlight the golden tone can be combined with objects that are pink or soft green. In the case of bronze this can be interspersed with marble, visually it will be a spectacle.

Marble Effect
Another of the most marked trends is to use finishes that visually cause the effect of marble. No matter where it is used, the important thing is to use it as part of the decoration, it can be in beds, paintings, among others.
When combining marble with some metal, especially bronze, it gives a feeling of spaciousness in the spaces used. To provide the effect of a cozy and quiet place, this finish can be used with pastel shades.

Accessories and furniture
Each of the spaces would not have life if you do not have the right furniture and accessories. The trend aims to use various accessories that in turn implement metallic details, marble or designs in their forms. Mirrors are accessories that never go out of fashion and are seen year after year in all trends.
For example, mirrors with atypical shapes, coat racks, carpets that give a modern touch. Each of these accessories can give color, joy and style to every corner of the home.
On the other hand, furniture is the protagonist in all decoration. To provide a chic touch, the trend is to combine old pieces with furniture of modern designs.
To achieve a proper decoration, it is best to consider the utility of the furniture and its beauty. That is, the furniture to be used must be functional and at the same time respect the space and order of other accessories.
It is important that there is order and functionality so that there is no discord in the elements used.

The simplicity in interior decoration
A fundamental factor in the trend of interior decoration is simplicity. To do this, you can use elements, accessories and furniture that have straight lines instead of geometric figures. The circles, rectangles or squares, are not the protagonists for this year, on the contrary, they seek to highlight the spaces.
To emphasize simplicity, elegance and modernity, you can combine tones such as white with soft ones. In addition, use accessories that have metal details and modern furniture that suits the space. On the other hand, the finishes with marble effect also give a cozy feeling.

Taking these practical tips into consideration when decorating your home will not only simplify the task, but will make your home stand out.

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